Credito Fondiario Banking Group



Credito Fondiario S.p.A., bank founded in 1898, is the parent company of Credito Fondiario Banking Group, which operates in Italy in the sectors of Debt Purchasing and Debt Servicing, providing its products and services both to banking and financial institutions and to institutional investors specialized in the credit sector.

The Group was established in 2019, after the creation of CF Liberty Servicing S.p.A., a platform specialized in special servicing in joint venture with Banco BPM, and has offices in Rome, Milan, Genova, Bergamo, Verona, Lodi and Naples.

Credito Fondiario S.p.A. owns Be Credit Management S.p.A., created thanks to an agreement with Be Finance S.p.A., specialized in the fiscal credit sector, which signed a strategic partnership with the Bank in 2018. Furthermore, many special purpose vehicles Pursuant to Law No. 130/99 belong to the Banking Group.

Credito Fondiario Banking Group is enrolled in the Register of Banking Groups number COD. ABI 10312.7.