Credito Fondiario




Credito Fondiario S.p.a. is an Italian Bank, founded in 1898, whose head office is located in Rome, registered to the inter-bank fund for deposits protection.

Credito Fondiario is the parent company of Credito Fondiario Banking Group, established in 2019.

The bank is leader in the Italian credit management sector, with a one-of-a-kind business model, as it is both Debt Servicing (DS) and Debt Purchasing (DP), and operates on every asset classes connected to banking and leasing credits (performing, unlikely to pay, bad loans).

As per Debt Purchasing activities, Credito Fondiario is one of the main investors in the Italian NPE sector since it has acquired on its balance sheet over EUR 800 million non-performing loans.

Regarding Debt Servicing activities, Credito Fondiario stands as one of the greatest Italian operators, specialized in corporate and PMI, both banking and leasing.

Credito Fondiario – which in the last years has played a key role in the major deals in the NPL Italian market as investor, servicer and service provider – mainly aims to the strategic objective of strengthening its leadership position on the market.

Credito Fondiario is enrolled in the Register of Banking number COD. ABI 10312.7.