According to Fitch, Credito Fondiario has a clear corporate strategy and a forward-looking objective, which have been consistently met and led to a significant business growth.

S&P’s rankings reflects:

  • The accomplished management ability to set and deliver substantial business growth;
  • Credito Fondiario’s organization, which is supported by an effective governance model;
  • The Servicer’s continuous focus on IT systems development;
  • Credito Fondiario’s proven ability to board complex portfolios.

According to Fitch

During 2018 and 2019, CF’s special serviced assets under management (AUM) increased significantly (EUR17.8 billion as of end-2019 compared with EUR2.4 billion as of end-2017). The growth in AUM was a combined result of a general increase in business, and strategic agreements with primary Italian banks for the management of their existing and future non-performing loans.

According to S&P

Credito Fondiario offers a reliable service in all its different roles. The Servicer applies a mix of systems that are widely used in the Italian banking sector and it is also implemented a well-designed proprietary loan management system.

Rating Agency Special Servicer Rating Master Servicer Rating
S & P Above Average Above Average
Fitch Ratings RSS2+ / CSS2+ MS2+


S & P
Rating Special Servicer Average
Rating Master Servicer Above Average
Fitch Ratings
Rating Special Servicer RSS2+ / CSS2+
Rating Master Servicer MS2+