Negotiations between Credito Fondiario and Banca IFIS ended

Rome, 30 October 2019  – Today Credito Fondiario’s Board of Directors decided to permanently end negotiations with Banca IFIS S.p.A, and therefore not to move on to the due diligence stage, due to the difficulties encountered in defining a satisfactory agreement for both parties.

“We are convinced that the servicing sector in Italy offers opportunities for consolidation – stated Iacopo De Francisco, General Manager of Credito Fondiario-. We will continue to propose ourselves as a unifying entity with an active role on the market. A role also aimed to achieve potential partnerships with other operators in the debt servicing and debt purchasing business. At the same time, we are carefully evaluating the opportunity to take Credito Fondiario on the stock market to further accelerate the Bank’s growth path”.