Credito Fondiario does not stop


Our Country is experiencing an unprecedented health emergency: we all — companies and people — are called to make a contribution to control and overcome it, in a highly complex and greatly uncertain situation.

Credito Fondiario has taken action to set and implement the most appropriate measures to protect its employees and customers, in full compliance with the Government Decrees and the indications provided by the World Health Organization.

Being one of the leading operators in Italy in debt purchasing and debt servicing, Credito Fondiario has offices in Rome, Milan, Genoa, Bergamo, Verona, Lodi and Naples. Business Continuity measures have been immediately adopted to guarantee the full continuation of the operations, guaranteeing the highest degree of safety for employees. The measures taken include:

  • The whole staff has been encouraged to implement “smart working” solutions and, to date, almost all employees are working as such;
  • The whole staff have been equipped with IT tools which allow the customers to be offered the entire Bank’s operativeness on all master servicing, special servicing, debt purchasing activities;
  • Business travels have been suspended, encouraging the use of video conferences or call conferences, also with external parties;
  • All the offices have been provided with the equipment suitable to ensure the compliance with the hygiene rules provided for by the emergency measures;
  • The access to Group offices has been denied to advisors and workers (excluding hygiene and cleaning operators).

Therefore, Credito Fondiario currently guarantees a full operation and functionality of all the structures and areas of the bank via remote working, and it is ready to better manage the undoubted difficulties, the delays, the inefficiencies which the sector and the Country will face, in the interest of all stakeholders.

We have been able to achieve this result thanks to a business culture oriented towards technological and process innovation and the important investments in ICT made in these years.

Lastly, out of gratitude and in order to support the efforts of all health personnel who is at the forefront of the fight against Coronavirus, we made a donation to the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan, which in the last weeks has been one of the hospitals at the centre of the emergency.

Credito Fondiario does not stop. Let’s go on, together.