Date Pdf Title
02/08/2019 Banca Ifis e Credito Fondiario started the study of an industrial partnership
22/07/2019 Credito fondiario finalized one of the largest transaction in the leasing sector
20/06/2019 Credito Fondiario: Birth Of Liberty Servicing, the new recovery platform in jv with Banco BPM
02/05/2019 Credito Fondiario grows in tax credits - purchased a portfolio of 69 million euros
20/03/2019 Credito Fondiario continues to grow and reports € 24.8 million of net profit
06/02/2019 Credito Fondiario and Banco BPM complete first stage of strategic partnership which envisages an NPL JV platform and the sale of an NPL loan portfolio
03/01/2019 Credito Fondiario acquires an NPL portfolio from MPS and acts as Fronting Bank and Master Servicer on a UTP portfolio sold by MPS
10/12/2018 Credito Fondiario signs a long term strategic partnership with Banco BPM in NPL Servicing.
06/11/2018 Credito Fondiario enter in the tax credit sector through a strategic partnership with be finance
29/10/2018 ECB and Bank of Italy have authorised a capital increase of €65 million reserved to Elliott
28/09/2018 Credito Fondiario participates as principal alongside Oxy Capital in the restructuring and relaunch of of Manuli Stretch Group
08/08/2018 Credito Fondiario returns to net profit in the first half of the year
09/05/2018 Acquisition of a portfolio of NPLs and UTPs, both banking and leasing, from Group Credito Valtellinese (project Gimli)
24/11/2017 Agreement with Carige on a portfolio of NPLs, its NPL servicing platform and a long-term servicing contract
24/11/2017 Guido Lombardo appointed Chief Investment Officer, Mirko Briozzo Deputy General Manager and Chief Business Officer
20/10/2017 Credito Fondiario to act as Master Servicer and Special Servicer in the envisaged MPS Group NPL securitisation (€ 26 bn)
05/04/2017 Appointment of Iacopo De Francisco as General Manager
27/02/2017 Credito Fondiario strengthens its presence in the leasing sector acquiring two portfolios
15/12/2016 Credito Fondiario launches Conto ESAGON, the new online term deposit for the Italian retail market
27/05/2016 Acquisition of a portfolio of non-performing loans from Group Credito Valtellinese (project Gavia)
30/12/2015 Acquisition of a portfolio of non-performing loans from Group Credito Valtellinese (project Cerere)
12/11/2015 Appointment of Panfilo Tarantelli as CEO
04/06/2015 Capital increase of Credito Fondiario (€100 million)
26/02/2014 Appointment of Andrea Munari as CEO
23/12/2013 Agreement between Credito Fondiario and Trade Unions on the bank’s restructuring
31/10/2013 Acquisition of Credito Fondiario by Tages Holding and the Top Management Team
Credito Fondiario: Birth Of Liberty Servicing,the new recovery platform in jv with Banco Bpm