The Group companies offer their products and services both to banking and financial institutions and to institutional investors specialized in the credit sector.

    Besides Credito Fondiario parent bank, the group consist of:Besides Credito Fondiario parent bank, the group consist of:

  • CF Liberty Servicing S.p.A., a company specialized in debt servicing and registered to the ex. Art 115 TULPS register
  • 14 special purpose vehicles (or SPVs) specialized in securitization activity

Shareholder base

The group’s main shareholders are:The group’s main shareholders are:

  • Tiber Investment S.a.r.l, a subsidiary of the funds managed by Elliott Management Corporation, with a controlling interest;
  • Private investors, including Tages partners and members of the bank’s top management.

Credito Fondiario S.p.A

Credito Fondiario is and Italian bank, established in 1898, with its head office in Rome, member of the Interbank Deposit Protection Fund. Today the bank is a leader in the Italian credit management sector, with a unique business model: it is both Debt Servicer (DS) and Debt Purchaser (DP) and operates on all asset classes related to non-performing loans (bad loans, unlikely -to-pay, bank credits and leasing).In the Debt Purchasing area, Credito Fondiario is one of the key investors in the NPE Italian sector, having acquired over EUR 800 billion of non-performing loans (purchase price) in the last few years.In terms of Debt Servicing, Credito Fondiario is one of the main operators, specialized in corporate and SME clients, both banking and leasing, and a multi-location organization. The Group’s office are located in Rome, Milan, Genoa, Bergamo, Verona, Lodi and Naples. Credito Fondiario – which has played a key role in the main Italian deals related to NPLS over the last few years; as investor, servicer, structurer and advisor – manages over EUR 50 billion in credit exposures (over 1 million in loans) altogether.

CF Liberty Servicing S.p.A

CF Liberty Servicing is a joint venture between Credito Fondiario and Banco BPM, born from the strategic partnership in December 2018.The society - that sees Credito Fondiario as a 70% shareholder and Banco BPM as a 30% shareholder - performs Debt Servicing activities under article 5 of the Consolidated Law on Public Security (TULPS), with a focus on:• Portfolios of over EUR 7 billion of non-performing loans, sold by Banco BPM in December 2018 and securitized in February 2019;• Flow of new non-performing loans generated every year by Banco BPM pursuant to a multi-year contract signed on 31st May 2019.

Credito Fondiario ratings: primary, master and special servicing

Credito Fondiario platform of master, primary and special servicing has rating from both Fitch and S&P:

Agency Special Servicer Master Servicer Primary Servicer
Standard & Poor’s Average Above Average Above Average

Fitch - S & P