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Credito Fondiario

Credito Fondiario’s clients are offered specialized services for the real estate management, such as collaterals for credit exposures or property owned in the case of real estate leasing.

In particular:

  • Real Estate Analysis & Valuation
  • Activities of analysis and assessment of all types of properties, both in the due diligence process (in support of the portfolio pricing activity) and after the acquisition (in support of the management activities). The team has analyzed and evaluated over 13 thousand properties over the past 4 years.
  • Repossess
  • Participation in auctions: management, through dedicated vehicle companies (ReoCo), of all phases of the auction participation process
  • Real Estate Asset Management
  • The team manages all the real estate activities required for the placement of properties on the free market, such as:  administrative activities; corporate activities; legal activities; eviction; property management; regularization; remediation; commercialization; closing.

The team dedicated to the real estate area operates both on buildings acquired through Reoco and on repossessed buildings, deriving from real estate leasing contracts. It currently manages over 2 million square meters, related to 1,400 properties, equal to a value of EUR 800 million. Moreover, it has Capex interventions for an approximate amount of EUR 13 million.