Your Fintech Partner


Your Fintech Partner

Credito Fondiario stands on the market as Credit Manager 4.0 (link), acting on four relevant dimensions to be a fully integrated operator as Debt Purchaser & Debt Servicer:

  • Servicing of different types of credits
  • Multi-products operating platform: open, modular, web-based
  • Injector of new finance and co-investor
  • Data-management 2.0

Credito Fondiario has always been focused on technological innovation, with the aim of being a leading player with the new fintech solutions, investing about 15% of total operating costs in IT (average 2017-2019, against a 10% reference average).

The bank IT strategy relies on the development of internal tools in core areas, which can make it stand out from competitors. These tools aim to optimize operations along the credit value chain (with the development of solutions created to manage its real estate database, to carry out due diligence activities, to assess real estate asset, to facilitate the serializing and historicization of recovery curves and the activities of the asset manager activities), and to implement market tools to support processes and to ease the interactions with the counterparties and the partners of Credito Fondiario.

The bank stands out also in its custom systems, developed through a “low-code” platform, which allow it to carry out operations, quickly and with high flexibility. This type of platform reduces realization time by 75%, making the issuance of evolutionary development 3 times faster than the traditional coding models.

Two state-of-the-art tools among the proprietary tools developed to support the core processes Credito Fondiario include:




N3A is a tool supporting a property valuation, characterized by a high degree of automation, scalability and use of advanced analytics. In line with the Bank’s business model, N3A allows a fast and objective property valuation for portfolios with mortgage collaterals.

The software, based on neuronal networks, big data and artificial intelligence, manages Credito Fondiario’s EUR 50 billion historical database of credits and allows firstly a quick and reliable property valuation, and secondly, together with other enterprise applications, an accurate estimate of the recovery amount and timing.

N3A realizes an adaptive model, based on the progressive exploitation of Bank’s IT technologies, which improves its performance at every evaluation exercise.


DDW is a web application conceived to support the team in the due diligence process conducted by Credito Fondiario Credito Fondiario on loan portfolios potentially affordable by the Bank or by third-party institutional investors.

DDW is characterized by a high level of flexibility and scalability. The latter is guaranteed by the fact that the application is on a data-center private cloud, where dedicated resources can be increased in a very short time and without limits. The flexibility of the platform is allowed by the “low-code” platform used to develop the software.