Your UTPs partner



Credito Fondiario, by virtue of its integrated business model, between Debt Purchaser & Debt Servicer, its availability of investing and co-investing, as well as of its flexibility guaranteed by the bank license, is a reference partner for banks and investors in the UTP sector.

In the last years, Credito Fondiario has:

  • Directly acquired in the balance sheet UTP positions.
  • Structured securitization with UTP credits, co-investing in the capital structure.
  • Provided new finance as part of the restructuring agreements.

Credito Fondiario is able of:

  • Assessing the potential cash flows’ profile from a UTP position, with a restructuring view; Credito Fondiario has a credit team dedicated to the UTP sector with a view of reinterpretation.
  • Buying existing credits and/or credit agreements on banks’ balance sheet, for itself or on behalf of other investors/securitization vehicles, pursuant to Law 130/99.
  • Providing new finance in the restructuring process.
  • Acting as a pivot-bank within banking syndicates, acquiring – where relevant – positions aimed to obtain most of the voting rights.
  • Restructuring/renegotiating agreements to modify original positions.