Our core values


Our core values

Our Group is founded on solid values, which are the basis of our daily activities. We are aware of the fundamental role that these principles play in positioning us as one of the largest Italian operators in the credit sector. Specifically:

integrity and Lawfulness

We work in an irreproachable and impartial way, in full respect of laws and regulations while respecting our social responsibility.


We are committed to being always at the forefront with new fin-tech technologies, in order to guarantee the best service possible.


We build the relations with our bigger stakeholders on honesty and mutual trust. We are committed to continually communicate them clear, prompt information

Client-centric and Adaptability

We focus on our clients, and we always try to understand their necessaries and provide them the most suitable and tailor-made solution.

Professionality and Expertise

The professionality and competency of more than 350 high-skilled and specialized resources are the pillars of our activity.