Our policies


Our policies

Credito Fondiario Group ensures a sustainable development and the supervision of every risk area through the following policies and regulations, which guarantee the correct engagement of all stakeholders.



Investitors & Partners Risk
Code of Ethics and conduct Remuneration Policies Investment Regulation Risk Appetite Framework Policy
Rules for Complaints and Petitions Whistleblowing Regulations Policy for Transactions with Related Parties and with Parties in Conflict of Interest ICAAP, ILAAP and Pillar 3 Regulations
Personal Data Protection Policy Netiquette Policy Externalization Policy Operational and Reputational Risk Regulations
Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Regulations Confidential/Privileged Information Regulation Media Relations Policy SCI Functions Regulations
Special Servicing Collection Policies Credito Fondiario Group Regulation Special Servicing Oversight Functional Regulations IT Security Policy
Esagon Account Policy   “Management of securitization transactions” Regulation Policy for the most significant transactions
Performing Loans / UTP Management Functional Regulation     Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to the Law Decree No. 231/2001
Banking Transparency Regulation     Risk Policies Handbook